The Doctors Top Viral Stories of 2016

The Doctors guests and topics racked up the clicks, shares and likes in 2016. Check out our most viral stories of the year!

The story of the dad who posted a picture online of his 8-year-old daughter biting into a deer heart divided our viewers. See more about the controversial viral story! (Warning: The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing.)

Social media star Raylynn's impressive backside had our viewers clicking away. Find out more about the woman whose butt measures 70 inches including what caused it to grow so big.

The Doctors
discussed the controversy surrounding YouTube star Eugenia Cooney’s physical appearance leading to an important discussion about body image. See more of her viral story and decide if she a dangerous influence to her followers.

Octomom came to The Doctors to share her new mission to kill off her tabloid past and give an update about her large family. See more from the controversial figure's new life that had our viewers commenting!

The tragic headline about a teenager who died after receiving a hickey concerned our viewers in a serious way. Find out what The Doctors had to say about this shocking story and whether hickeys can actually kill.