The Doctors Most Inspiring Stories of 2016

So many of The Doctors guests never give up, even in the face of their greatest setbacks and obstacles. We celebrate some of the most inspiring guests we have met this year who refuse to quit and strive forward.

The DoctorsSee more of her touching story!

Kia’s self-confidence was being affected by an ear keloid and she bravely came on
The Doctors have it removed live! See her dramatic transformation following the keloid removal!

Little Paisley was born with an oversized tongue, making it extremely difficult to breathe. Her parents, Madison and Shannon, share what surgeries their daughter underwent to correct this rare condition.
See Paisley after the surgeries!

The DoctorsSee how this fitness trainer is dealing with the negative commentary online while having a healthy pregnancy! 

DoctorsSee more on Taboo's fight to survive!