The Doctors Favorite Humanitarians of 2016

Some of our favorite guests are those who put others before themselves. These Doctors guests gave back to their community and people in need in a big way in 2016!

See more of her story about giving back to those most in need!

See more of this heart-breaking story.

See more about her fight to ensure that our water is safe.

When magician Criss Angel’s son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, he took on the greatest challenge of this life - trying to make childhood cancer disappear. He has started the Johnny 
Children's Charitable Foundation to help fight pediatric cancer. See more of the great work the organization is doing.

After being beaten at a baseball game and left in a coma fighting for his life, Bryan Stow created The Bryan Stow Foundation, which is helping to combat bullying and lessen fan violence at sporting events. See more of his inspiring story and how he is trying to keep fans safe at the game.