The Doctors Favorite Furry Guests of 2016

From specialists to celebrities, we always have on the best guests. But some of The Doctors very favorite and most inspiring guests come in the cutest packages.

Meet Norbert! The Tiny & Adorable Therapy Dog Helping Sick Kids
Therapy dog Norbert, Instagram celebrity and regular cheer-bringer at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, joins The Doctors with his owner Julie! Hear about his incredible work with Toys for Tots and giving high-fives.

Harlow the Service Dog & Social Media Superstar!
The adorable Harlow has been trained to help her owner Jaquie who suffers from seizures. Jaquie wants everyone to know about service dogs and how they can assist the 43 million people in the U.S. with disabilities.

Rescue Dogs Trained To Save Lives
Meet Atlas who was rescued by animal Trainer Brandon McMillan. Brandon has made a career training dogs for TV and movies. Now Brandon finds and trains rescue dogs for a much higher purpose.

Quincy the Dog…Famous for Making the Cutest Noises
The Doctors are joined by Quincy, owner Patrick, and veterinarian Dr. Ruth MacPete to weigh in on why Quincy makes the most adorable sounds! 

Service Dog Transforms 11-Year-Old Girl’s Life
11-year-old Bella and her mom Rachel join The Doctors to discuss Bella’s rare genetic disorder and how George, her service dog, has transformed her life.