The Doctors 2016 Beauty Roundup!

The Doctors love to look at the latest beauty trends. From your roots & eyebrows, to procedures and anti-aging miracles, here are some of the best tips & tricks of 2016 from the inside out. 

Makeup & Hair 

The beauty mistake you are most likely making.
Are you applying your concealer wrong?

Could thinning eyebrows be a thing of the past?
A new procedure claims to regrow brows using your own blood.

Airbrush makeup for your roots? 
Root cover up between salon appointments can be difficult. The Doctors put to the test the Temptu airbrush technology designed to cover your roots for up to 24 hours. 

The Doctors put to the test a product that claims to give you an instant lash lift. 


Acu-facial uses acupuncture to tighten and smooth the skin. Can this ancient practice takes years off your face? 

Can Drinking Collagen Improve Your Skin from the Inside Out? 

How to Use Vitamin E to Reduce the Signs of Aging! 


Scrotox: Botox for Your Boys Down There? 

Non-Surgical Breast Lift

A New Chin with Fillers! 

Foods for Beauty

Can THIS Food Reverse the Signs of Aging?

The $5 Secret to Adriana Lima's Long Hair

And remember that beauty knows no age! Take it from this inspiring 80-Year-Old Runway Model.