Drs. Insider Tips on How to Lower Your Hospital Bills

Playing Insider Info to Lower Your Hospital Bills

Even The Doctors themselves have trouble making sense of medical and hospital bills, and they are sharing their insider tips on what to look for when you get that dreaded bill.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon tips include:

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Check The Bill: Is your insurance information correct? Make sure your hospital stay or procedure is being billed through the correct insurance, if not it could easily affect the cost. Did you receive all the services listed on the bill? When in doubt, Dr. Stork recommends, “Pick up the phone and make that call,” in order to verify the charges. Dr. Ordon also says to look for any fishy sounding items on your bill, as each item will have a “CTP code,” which can be checked online. Also, verify that if you were in a shared room, that you were not billed for a private room.

Price Compare Devices & Equipment: Sometimes the cost of things like crutches is far more expensive at the hospital. If possible, have a family member check for the needed equipment at a nearby drug store or a department store.

Take Notes: Notating all the services you are getting before undergoing your stay or procedure will allow you to compare it to your final bill.

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Lastly, if you question or doubt a charge is accurate, it never hurts to ask!