Thermage CPT Treatment

Donna, 49, is frustrated by the crow's feet on her face. Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon performs Thermage CPT, utilizes radio-frequency heat energy that penetrates the dermis, or skin; stimulating collagen and elastin fibers to contract, or tighten the skin, and generate new collagen production, creating younger-looking, more supple skin.

The procedure is a relatively pain-free alternative to a face lift or other surgical procedures and requires minimal downtime for recovery.

"No anesthesia, incision-less," Dr. Ordon explains. "[Resulting in] a gentle, natural lifting of her face. You'll see the difference in the nasal-labial lines, neck and cheeks."

The cost of Thermage varies depending on location, and the best results can be achieved if performed by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.


Dr. Ordon blogs about how to prevent crow's feet from forming.