Is It Safe for Babies to Go to the Chiropractor?

Playing Chiropractic Adjustments on Babies?!

The Doctors weigh in on the idea of taking a baby to a chiropractor and hear from two sides of this medical debate.

Pediatrician Dr. Dafna Ahdoot joins the panel to discuss the practice of taking babies – who are just days old – to get chiropractic adjustments. “As a mother, this is pretty disturbing and bothersome,” she says.

Dr. Ahdoot worries that a parent’s preliminary diagnosis of what might be troubling their child could easily be wrong, noting that pediatricians are trained to assess a child without the child being able to communicate. She worries about the types of forceful and sudden movements that occur doing an adjustment, noting that babies’ bones are at risk of breaking and says that muscle spasms and neurological damage could occur.

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Two chiropractors who practice on babies, Dr. Stuart Warner and Dr. Theresa Warner, also join the panel to discuss the controversial treatment. They say that the practice has been going on for over 100 years and millions of successful and safe adjustments happen each year.

So what is the purpose of having a baby go to a chiropractor? Dr. Stuart believes that the birth process can be traumatic on a newborn and cause interference in the nervous system that can compromise the baby’s health. He goes on to say, “Babies that get adjusted… can heal better, function better and work better.” On the other side of the argument, The Doctors point out the vast number of babies born who do not undergo chiropractic adjustments and still lead healthy lives.

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So is there ever an age when it would be safe for a child to see a chiropractor? Watch the video the below to find out what Dr. Ahdoot thinks and learn more from Dr. Stuart Warner and Dr. Theresa Warner on why they believe in the practice.

The Doctors remind everyone that getting the right care at the right time and listening to the advice of your health care provider is vital, especially with a newborn.