“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry on His Amazing Abilities & Near-Death Experience

Playing “Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry’s Near Death Experience

Just how does “Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry’s amazing abilities work? The star joins The Doctors to explain how he’s able to look into people’s lives like no one else.

“In a reading, I communicate what I see, what I hear and what I feel. It’s as simple as that. What I do isn’t like ‘The Sixth Sense,’ I don’t see dead people walking around when I’m sitting and looking at an audience of people. I just basically sit with a person and scribble, and I have to be aware of the impressions that I’m picking up on. It could be a vision, it could be a voice, and it could be a physical sensation that corresponds with how someone passed,” he tells The Doctors.

He says his abilities first came about when he was 10 years old and he had a strong feeling that his grandmother was about to die. He told his parents the family should say goodbye to her, and that same night she passed. “I didn’t pick this, I think this really pick me,” he says.

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In addition to sensing intimate details about other people’s lives, he has an uncanny insight into his own, including a past serious health scare when he was 18 years old. After experiencing a headache which lasted for days, he went to his mother and told her that he was convinced his brain was swelling. Sure enough, after being checked out, doctors found he had hydrocephalus (a swelling of the brain) due to an arachnoid brain cyst. He underwent emergency brain surgery and successfully recovered.

The medium continues to use his skills to help others with health concerns.

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“I never want to scare anyone. I always encourage people to go to a doctor, a doctor knows best in most cases. I also think that people have to go with their intuition. Often people know something is wrong with them before they even go to a doctor,” he says. “I tell people basically what I feel they intuitively have a susceptibility to and I give them that information in the hopes [that] if this is something that they do develop and show symptoms that they will go to their doctor and get medical advice.”

For more from Tyler, check out his new book, “Between Two Worlds” and watch his E! series, which returns in 2017.