Mall Santa Fat-Shames Young Boy

Playing Mall Santa Fat-Shames 9-Year-Old?

Many families' holiday traditions involve heading to the mall to get your picture taken on Santa's lap. But one 9-year-old boy in North Carolina got more than a "ho, ho, ho," when he shared his Christmas wishes with his local mall Santa.

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After the boy asked Santa for toys this Christmas Santa replied, "Lay off the hamburgers and French fries," leaving the poor 9-year-old in tears. After the incident the mall Santa apologized to the family and has resigned. 

As plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out, "Who's Santa to call him out? Santa is way overweight and he eats his cookies and everything else." 

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The Doctors want to remind everyone that if you go to the mall to give your child a positive holiday experience and Santa crosses a boundary by talking about your child's appearance in any way it should not be tolerated.