Can Astrology Affect Your Health?

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Are the sun, moon, and stars connected to your health and well-being?

The Doctors examine how some believe astrology can be linked to how you are physically feeling. We chat with intuitive astrologist Sonja Marie who believes your astrological sign can reveal things about the body.

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“When people don’t adhere to who they are in their truth… your body is affected, your health is affected,” Sonja tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman.

According to Sonja, people who are born under the zodiac sign of Pisces – like Dr. Stork – have a way of absorbing people’s energy, whether it is good or bad. She says the energy comes through a Pisces’ feet and those people need to pay special attention to that area of their body. She contends that aching or soreness in your feet for no apparent reason could be linked to one’s mental or spiritual health. She goes on to recommend that someone in this situation would need to achieve more balance in their life to help with this issue.

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Where do you stand on astrology? Could a better understanding of your sun sign and its traits help you better understand how you are feeling?

For more from Sonja and Dr. Berman’s session, where the astrologist looks into her life choices and love life – check out the video above!