Allergy & Sinus Relief with Steam?

Playing Steam Therapy for Allergy and Sinus Sufferers?

Could relief from pesky allergies and sinus issues come from simply inhaling steam? The Doctors test a new product to find out!

We enlisted the help of Beth Ann, Christopher and Tamere – who all suffer from allergy and sinus problems – to test out the MyPurMist steam inhaler. The product claims that it “penetrates into the upper respiratory system to provide fast symptom relief for sinus congestion, allergies, colds/flu, cough, laryngitis, and discomfort from sore throat.”

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So did our allergy and sinus-challenged product testers find any relief?

Tamere explains it helped with her throat dryness, but found that she did not have significant nasal drip relief. She thinks she will benefit from using it again in the future.

Christopher says the product worked for him initially, but he then experienced a major allergy attack in the middle of using the product. He says it helped him somewhat and plans to continue using it.

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Beth Ann says it has helped with her headaches, itchy eyes, and nose.

Check out the video below to hear what The Doctors think about the product!