Motherhood: More Wine & Laughs Please!

Playing Why Can't Motherhood Be All Laughs & More Wine?!

Jen Smedley & Kristin Hensley have been sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood on their popular web series IMomSoHard. They join The Doctors to share how they got started making videos for the sanity of all the moms out there. 

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After becoming moms the two were commiserating,"We were come no one tells you what motherhood's like really like. The not pretty parts of it, and in a funny way that's not depressing?" says Jen. As real life friends who both have small kids, they have often used each other for support, talking openly about embarrassing topics like Spanx, body hair & lack of bladder control. They decided to turn on the camera, and over 20 million views later, the ladies have earned quite an online following. 

Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann says, "I'm a huge fan, I watch your show. And I just love it cause I laugh and I feel like you guys are my good friends. Can I be your friend?" Altmann goes on to say that she loves it especially because everything they say is real and true. It's very relate-able for moms. 

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"We try not to give advice," says Jen. However Travis points out that they do give some important mom advice ... drink wine! 

Check out their hilarious web series IMomSoHard here.