Christmas Lights Extravaganza That Helps Feed the Hungry

Playing Christmas Lights for a Cause?

An amazing Christmas light show that helps give back to the community – The Doctors couldn’t ask for a better holiday treat!

For 10 years, Keith Shaw and his family have created the holiday spectacular Cranbury Christmas Lights in Cranbury, New Jersey. The show has grown each year in size and wonder, with this year’s display using over 120,000 lights. He tells The Doctors that it took 4 weeks and 200 hours to create the dazzling show.

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Beyond the winter wonderland spectacle, Keith and his family are helping to give back to their community through donations they receive from people attending this holiday show. They give 100 percent of the money donated to a local food bank, He Cares We Care, which mainly feeds children in need.

The Doctors were inspired by Keith’s charity and surprised him a $5,000 donation to He Cares We Care on his behalf from French’s Crispy Fried Onion Strings and Feeding America and another $5,000 from Vicks to use towards his cause.

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“We’re feeding over 250 family members and a 180 of them are kids, so we can’t feel more blessed by that… our family, we really sacrifice a lot of time for this display and it’s so important to do it to help our community. We’re just blessed to be able to do it and every little bit helps,” an ecstatic Keith tells The Doctors.

For more information on Cranbury Christmas Lights and to donate to this worthy cause, visit their website!