The Iron Nun’s Health Secrets!

Playing The Iron Nun!

The Doctors are joined by Sister Madonna Buder, also known as The Iron Nun, who proves that you’re never too old to stay fit!

Sister Madonna is 86 years old, but her age has not slowed her down in the least, In fact, she has competed in 45 IRONMAN triathlons, which includes a 2.4-mile swim, 112-miles of biking and a 26.2-mile run. So how does Sister Madonna beat back the hands of time and stay so incredibly active ?

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“I think the secret is to not think how old you are because your mind and your thoughts control who you are,” she shares with The Doctors. “[Exercise] harmonizes mind, body and soul… I’ll tell you. It’s very, very medicinal.”

For the nun, her fitness passion has helped her with some recent medical issues. After suffering a broken pelvis, torn meniscus and a broken femur, Sister Madonna says that her healing time was cut in half due to her fitness regime. She credits running for helping her to have great circulation. She also notes that think positively and trusting in a higher power has also helped.

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Despite her recent health concerns, Sister Madonna is not slowing down. She currently prepping for three more races. The Doctors hope Sister Madonna serves as an inspiration to everyone to keep on moving, no matter what your age or situation is!