My Sister Needs a Makeover!

Playing My Sister Deserves a Makeover

Yvonne has come to The Doctors asking to help give her older sister Marivi a makeover. The Doctors enlisted the help of a Hollywood glam squad to help transform Marivi and hopefully bring her some much-needed joy.

Marivi is suffering from weight gain and chronic pain, in addition to dealing with a divorce. With the help of hairstylist Amanda George, makeup artist Val Harvey and stylist Tom Soluri we give her the makeover she deserves.

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“I want to see that spark back in her eyes. I know this is exactly what she needs. She’s going through a really hard time… I know this is something she would never do for herself and she’s always been there for me,” Yvonne says of her sister.

See Marivi’s major makeover in the video below that has her saying, “I feel beautiful. I feel new.”

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Plus, find out how the glam squad helped transform Marivi and hear Doctors guest Rosie Mercado’s inspirational message she shares with the newly made over mom.