Man's PTSD Cured with Injection?

Playing Injection Cures PTSD?!

Tim was a fireman in New York City stationed at The World Trade Center on 9/11 and was in the South Tower when it collapsed. Miraculously he survived, but the former fireman is still haunted by the trauma of that horrific day.

He still suffers from extreme post-traumatic stress. Loud noises cause him to jump and cringe in fear. In addition to his PTSD, he’s also suffering from depression and has come to The Doctors to hopefully escape his nightmare.

“For me to survive, I have to do something,” he explains.

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Tim met with Dr. Eugene Lipov, the Chief Medical Officer at the Global Post Traumatic Injury Foundation, to receive an injection that has been known to cure PTSD. Dr. Lipov administers an injection of SGB, Stellate Ganglion Block, which can reboot the brain’s fight or flight instinct. He says the injection can be effective for years. For Tim, he required a series of shots to achieve the results he was looking for. They join ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to share more about this promising procedure.

Tim gives an update on how the injection is working. “About 36 hours later, I was like flying, I was floating on air,” he says, explaining that he felt as if a weight has been lifted from him and that he had noticeable and positive changes for the better since getting the injection.

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Dr. Lipov says the injection is capable of rebooting the brain to a pre-trauma state. He explains that multiple studies are underway to learn more about the effectiveness and future possible uses for Stellate Ganglion Block injection.