3 Mistakes to Avoid in Relationships That Lead to Possible Cheating

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The Doctors are joined marriage therapist Dr. Dion Metzger to explain how limiting your online life could actually help your love life.

Dr. Metzger, who penned the book “The Modern Trophy Wife,” shares a shocking statistic that 70 percent of her patients who are cheating are women. She says that many of her female patients get stuck in a rut and then look for attention elsewhere. They often turn to social media where they can connect with past boyfriends which then can lead to reigniting something with an old flame.

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She explains to The Doctors that eliminating things like Instagram can help people from having that urge to reconnect with people from their past and then cheat. She also shares some other tips for people who feel like their relationship is on the verge of falling apart.

  • Do not compare yourself to everyone else on social media – she says this can only lead to drama and will not help your relationship.
  • Consider your approach – if you and your partner are in a rut, think about how you address it. She recommends avoiding accusations and try to offer suggestions on how to spice things up and change up your routine.
  • Don’t use the kids as an excuse for a lack of sex – she says to creative about making time for sex, even if this means planning and scheduling intimate time.

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For more from Dr. Metzger, check out her book “The Modern Trophy Wife,” available now.