Mission to Turn Shelter Dogs into Service Dogs

Playing Rescue Dogs Trained To Save Lives

Brandon McMillan is saving shelter dogs from possible death and training them to become service dogs for those in need. The “Lucky Dog” host joins The Doctors to share more about his amazing work.

Some of his dogs have gone on to work with disabled veterans, those with anxiety, people with diabetes and those just needing a little extra help. He says that most of his dogs are rescues from kill shelters and they often times have abused or neglected. Through his work at The Lucky Dog Ranch, he’s able to rehabilitate the dog and then find it a new home.

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Brandon brings Atlas to The Doctor’s set, where he shows off his skills at being a support dog. After Atlas is done training with Brandon, he will go to help a veteran who lost his legs in the line of duty. Atlas’ support will help the vet lead a much more productive and mobile life.

Brandon says that service dogs come in all shapes and sizes. He tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon that small dogs can be used to help detect diabetic issues and also for the easing of anxiety.

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The canine guru encourages everyone to re-think our notions about shelter dogs. “You’re never too old to trust… shelter dogs are just institutionalized to their previous life, but it doesn’t mean they don’t know how to trust, know how to love and know how to learn. They know how to do all those things,” he explains.

See some of Brandon’s work with the skilled and adorable Atlas in the video below! For more great lessons about working with dogs, check out Brandon’s book, “Lucky Dog Lessons.”