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Playing A New Way to Pancake?

The Doctors are checking out the latest health products and gadgets to find out if they are worth your money.

The Pancakebot: If regular pancakes are not exciting enough for you, then this 3-D printing pancake make might be what you’re looking for. The device is capable of creating various designs and characters that will make breakfast seem much more creative The Pancakebot costs $299

The Bird of Prey bicycle: This new bike claims to cut down on accidents with a design that has the rider not sitting on a traditional seat, but leaning forward while riding. It is said to faster than other bikes. The Doctors wonder if this is the right product for a recreational cyclist, but think it could be great for a professional cyclist. The Bird of Prey costs $4800

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The Swipe & Feed: This device allows you to feed your baby while having your phone in the same hand. The Doctors question if it’s safe to have your cell phone so close to your baby’s head, as there have been studies reportedly linking cell phone use to cancer. They also think it furthers our dependency on technology. The Swipe & Feed costs $21.

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The Dreampad: The high-tech pillow uses bone conduction to deliver music that only the person using the pillow can hear. The makers of the pillow claim it can help to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, address auditory sensitivity and be a “massage to the nervous system.” The Doctors think this could help people rest better who enjoy music while falling asleep. The Dreampad costs $179.

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LVL: This is the first wearable device that tracks the user’s hydration levels. It also monitors your activity, sleep, mood and heart rate. The Doctors think most adults should easily be able to monitor their levels based on their thirst, but think this item could be useful for the elderly. The LVL costs $199 and will be available in 2017.