Drs. Exclusive: Man Brutally Attacked at Baseball Game Speaks Out

Playing Drs. Exclusive: Attacked at a Baseball Game

Bryan Stow’s life was forever changed following a brutal attack at a baseball game in 2011. He and his family join The Doctors to share how they are turning a near tragedy into an opportunity to help others.

Bryan was beaten by two fans at a Dodgers game for simply wearing an opposing team's shirt and left unconscious. After the attack, he was in a coma for 9 months. Due to his severe brain trauma, he had to relearn how to do most everything from breathing, eating, walking and speaking. He now requires a battery of daily medications, physical therapy and round-the-clock care that his family expects to last his entire life.

His mother tells The Doctors, “I think Bryan survived for a reason, because he has an important message.” His family – mom Ann, dad David and sisters Erin and Bonnie – have been blown away by Bryan’s progress, in fact, he’s well enough to join The Doctors on stage to share how he’s now on a mission to stop violence and bullying.

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Bryan tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork that he does not remember much of the incident and waking up at his house months after the incident was jarring and scary. Despite his setbacks, he says he’s found a new purpose in life. “It’s coming out to these people cheering for me, that is what I live for and my family,” he shares.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Gabriel Zada, who operated on Bryan, also joins The Doctors. He explains that he’s never had a case as touch and go as Bryan’s and for many months they were not sure he would survive.

“If you do believe in miracles, this is as close as it gets,” Dr. Zada says of Bryan. “To see Bryan come this far and continue to help and inspire other people on a daily basis, it keeps us all going and it is extremely rewarding.”

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Bryan is now inspiring and helping others through The Bryan Stow Foundation, which is helping to combat bullying and lessen fan violence at sporting events. He works extensively with kids and schools in an effort to stop the bullying at a young age.

Watch the video below to see where The Doctors are sending Bryan to help stop bullying – it’s somewhere he’s wanted to visit for a long time. If you would like to contribute to the powerful work that he’s doing, you can donate to The Bryan Stow Foundation, here!