Mom of Special Needs Son Rejected by Talent Agency Has a New Mission!

Playing Talent Agency Rejects Special Needs Kids?

Meagan, whose son Asher was rejected by a talent agency due to his Down syndrome, has a new mission to help other kids with disabilities.

Meagan and her 15-month-old son Asher made headlines when she discovered that a talent agency in Atlanta had not submitted her son for a possible job because the casting call had not specifically called for kids with special needs. When Meagan was told that the job also did not state that special needs kids would not be considered, the proud mom knew something had to change about the way her son and other kids like Asher were being treated.

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She tells The Doctors, “I wanted people to know that this was happening and the brands to know that agencies are not submitting [certain kids] when they could be.”

Meagan’s fight for more inclusivity is already working. She reveals to The Doctors that she has met with Oshkosh and that Asher will be included in the company’s upcoming holiday ad.

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The Doctors applaud Meagan’s work and are happy to see more diversity regarding people with disabilities in advertising. We can’t wait to see all the great work from Asher that lies ahead!