Facial Rejuvenation with a Dead Person's Fat?

Playing Dead People’s Fat to Plump Skin?

The Doctors examine a new procedure that is using fat from the dead to make your face come alive!

Dr. Alexander Rivkin joins The Doctors to explain why he’s using filler made from fat taken from cadavers. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork wonders who and why anyone would want dead fat in their body. He says it's a good option for people who might not have enough of their own fat to harvest for injection, or for someone who does not want to go through the process of collecting the fat.

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“We use these kinds of human tissue products all the time,” Dr. Rivkin says, explaining that it occurs in 2 million procedures annually in America. “We know it’s safe and regulated very tightly by the FDA. We know it’s sterilized, it’s cleansed, it’s safe and it works,” he continues, adding that the procedure is in its early stages and the effectiveness and effects on the body are still being studied and researched. He also notes that the goal of injecting the cadaveric tissue is to stimulate their own fat to grow.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon notes that cartilage from dead people is often used for nose jobs and dermis from dead people is used to help with breast reconstruction.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra worries about passing possible infections with the use of cadaveric tissue, compared to the use of your own fat and Dr. Stork raises the issue that some people who donate their bodies for medical use might not want their fat to be used for vanity purposes.

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Where do you stand on this new type of filler? Would you be willing to use the fat of a dead person in your face?