Husband Uses a Drone to Catch His Wife Cheating?

Playing Man Catches Cheating Wife with Drone?

A husband uses a drone camera to follow his wife and catches her with another man. But what he did next might shock you.

He posted the entire video to his YouTube page! "I don't know if I would do that. I would rather sweep it under the rug and move on," says plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. 

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"Look this scenario is obviously a terrible one because [the couple has] 18 years of marriage, they have two teenage children...This is a terrible scenario. But I will say it gets to be a little bit dangerous when everyone becomes their own personal spy and there's going to be all these drones out there following around spouses and significant others. What kind of world do we live in?" wonders ER physician Dr. Travis Stork.  

The Pennsylvania man, who had suspicions about his wife's behavior, used a drone to follow her on her walk to work. What he ended up capturing was her meeting up with a man, kissing him and getting into his car. In the posted video, the husband added his live commentary yelling, "There it goes! 18 years...GONE!" when his wife kissed the strange man in a car.  Dr. Stork adds, "Those kids are going to watch this online and that to me damages them. Any hope they have moving forward of having a good relationship with the kids may be jeopardized because of this." 

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Some people have accused him of creating a fake video while others say his is only doing it for the money, but the video has nearly 7 million views just after being online for a few days.