Dr. Travis' Nerve Pain Returns – Can He Find the Help He Needs?

Playing Dr. Travis' Nerve Pain Problem

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork gives viewers a look into his own health concerns as he seeks treatment for his ongoing nerve pain, which begins in his neck and affects his back.

Dr. Stork has chronicled his search for relief on The Doctors and has undergone acupuncture, chiropractic massage and rehab exercises. He thought he had overcome the worst of it, but just weeks ago the pain came back “like a dagger,” he shares. The dagger-like pain was even worse while sleeping.

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He sought out the advice of neurosurgeon Dr. John Spooner to find what his options are. Dr. Spooner suggested trying traction therapy first and then possibly an injection for his compressed nerve in his back.

In addition to his usual treatments, he tried a cervical traction treatment and he shares that he found “so much relief” after just 3 weeks. Traction is the process of pulling tissue apart to open up the areas where the nerves are being pinched. He reports that he’s been able to sleep through the night and that the pain has subsided significantly. He plans on continuing the traction treatments for 3 more weeks.

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Dr. Stork shares his takeaway from his ongoing search for pain relief, “When you have people you trust, then you know who you can turn to… you have got to have people in your corner that you can trust and I’ve certainly been blessed to have that.”