Bacteria Breakout at Popular Children's Dentist!

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Playing Bacteria Breakout at Children’s Dental Practice

A routine dental appointment is the last place you would suspect your child to contract a bacterial infection, but after 7 children who all underwent pulpotomys at the same dental practice in Orange County, California were hospitalized, the culprit became clear. 

Registered dental hygienist and dental adviser, Ellie Naderi joins The Doctors to share what you should look for to make sure that your dentist is following protocol to keep a sterile environment.

  • All instruments should be opened in front of the patient.
  • There is an indicator on the instrument package that will change color after being exposed - don't be afraid to look for it!
  • Protective gear should be put on in this order: mask, protective eye wear, then gloves.
  • They should never reach into the drawers for items once gloves are on.
  • All items should be covered by barriers. Look up! Are the light handles covered?
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions! Ask them to show you their infection control protocols.

To read a full statement from the dental practice where the alleged outbreak occurred, click here.