Dr. Ordon's Blog: Cankles

Hello Everyone!

We mentioned cankles on the show the today and I thought both the term and the procedure could use some further explanation. We plastic surgeons have been doing liposuction on just about all parts of the body since the late seventies.

During those years, the surgery has gone through many incarnations, and it's gotten better and better. Now we use smaller and smaller instruments that create less trauma and less recovery time. These smaller and more precise, low-impact instruments allow us to go after the smaller and denser pockets of fat on the calves and ankles (cankles). But getting the fat out is just part of the regimen. We elevate the patients’ legs for 24-hours and apply compressive pump stockings that help to milk the swelling away. It's state of the art! More from this episode.

Dr. Drew Ordon

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