Emergency Medicine at the Top of the World!

Playing Taking Medicine to New Heights

The Doctors are joined by Jeff Evans, a chief medic, whose amazing job is chronicled in the new series “Everest Air.”

The star of the Travel Channel series says practicing medicine at the highest point in the world, Mt. Everest, is always challenging, especially something as simple as catching your breath. He tells The Doctors that breathing at such a high altitude is like breathing through a straw. “[The altitude] kicks your butt, not matter who you are,” he says.

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With interest in scaling the mountain increasing in recent years, the amount of accidents has dramatically risen and a demand for a rescue team that included a medic led to the creation of his dramatic series. Jeff says he has treated a wide range of health issues on the mountain ranging from leg injuries to heart issues.

In addition to helping those on expeditions in their times of need, Jeff and his team of highly trained helicopter pilots have also been able to lend their expertise and services to the local people of Nepal, who might not have been saved otherwise.

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Check out more of Jeff in action on “Everest Air,” Wednesdays at 10 PM on Travel Channel.