Facial Contouring with Surgery?

Playing Permanent Facial Contouring?

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images my not be suitable for young children.

Contouring the face with makeup is a huge trend this year. But there's a surgery that can define your cheek bones permanently.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian joins The Doctors to explain the buccal fat pad removal procedure that can define your face or give you that "Kate Moss" look as plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon likes to call it. 

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This surgery is for those who complain about having "chipmunk cheeks," and ideally would like a more angular or oval shaped face. What is a buccal fat pad? Dr. Ordon shares, "It's something we're all born with," and it sits inside the mouth. No matter how much you diet or exercise, the buccal fat pad doesn't go away. 

When you reduce your cheeks, it will enhance your cheekbones and improve the overall look of your face. "It's nice cause it's a 1 cm incision. It's on the inside of your mouth, there's no external scars, [and] it's done under local anesthesia." 

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What you have to watch out for is taking out too much. Because as the patient ages it can give them a bit of a gaunt lookER physician Dr. Travis stork says, "compared to some of the other procedures we've seen today / surgeries that looks like a walk in the park."