Marijuana Legalized? What You Need to Know!

Playing Legalization of Marijuana

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Marijuana was on the ballot in many states in this past election, from making medical marijuana legal to even recreational use. The Doctors discuss what you need to know about these measures and how it may affect you.

Florida, North Dakota, Montana and Arkansas voted yes on medicinal marijuana, which is now legal in those states. California, Nevada, Massachusetts & Maine all voted yes for decriminalizing marijuana and making recreational use legal. That brings us to a total of 28 states that have made marijuana legally available in some way shape or form. 

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In California, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon points out, "It was just a matter of time." But he shares that it doesn't mean you can go ahead and smoke in public, or even in your car. It's legal in your home, you can't be in possession of more than one ounce, and it's even legal to grow up to six plants at home. 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork shares, "We've talked a lot about medicinal marijuana on the show, and our views have changed quite a bit. We've seen some amazing stories...We often use the example of people with epilepsy where their only hope has been medicinal marijuana. I am encouraged that more states are making it medically available." 

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But making marijuana legal in the state where you reside doesn't change the fact that it's still illegal nationally. The DEA has classified marijuana as a schedule one drug making it just as illegal as a substance like heroin. So if you're going to partake in medicinal and recreational use, know your rights. 

And Dr. Ordon and Dr. Stork remind everyone that marijuana should be kept out of the hands of kids. It affects your brain, just like alcohol. It needs to be used responsibly, by adults, 21 and over.