Go inside an Excess Skin Removal Surgery!

Playing From Bullied to Buff

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images my not be suitable for young children.

Austin previously joined The Doctors to show off his impressive weight loss after losing 166 pounds. We surprised him with free excess skin removal surgery and he’s back to show off his amazing results.

Austin’s team – plastic surgeon Dr. Neil Zemmel, plastic surgeon Dr. Steven J. Montante and assistant Megan Russell from Richmond Aesthetic Surgery along with a GoPro camera strapped to the head of one of the doctors – take us inside his life-changing operation.

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During his first surgery, he went under the knife for 2 hours, where doctors removed two pounds of excess skin from the lower portion of his body. He endured another 5 hours of surgery and 500 stitches. Following his first surgery on his abdomen area, Austin went underwent another procedure that addressed his chest and back.

Austin says his month long recovery was tough as it kept him out of the gym while he healed, but shares that he’s back continuing with his fitness regime.

Dr. Zemmel explains that Austin’s surgery was both cosmetic and functional telling The Doctors that the work on his abdomen area was essentially a tummy tuck that wrapped all the way around his body.

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The Doctors are thrilled to see Austin’s amazing transformation and wish him continued health success!