Dr. Ordon's Blog: Butt Implants and Lifts

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A good butt is not a fashion flash in the pan. Just watch some old movies and notice the fitted skirts in the '40s, the cowboys in jeans in the '50s, spandex in the '70s and so on. However, obtaining what nature didn't give you is a relatively new thing and today, you don't have to live with a flat backside. Just like most things we do in plastic surgery, we can create what never was, or lift what used to be. So there is definitely a difference between a buttock lift and a buttock implant.

Butt implants can accomplish both the creation of a good butt as well as lifting what is there. They’re my favorite because of the reliable and dramatic results.

We measure patients carefully and go over sizes pre-operatively. Once we’re in the operating room, we make an incision within the existing vertical butt crease. The placement of the incision is such that it doesn't show. Then we slide the soft, squishy-but-solid implant beneath the buttock muscle, the gluteus maximus. The result is a round, lifted buttock that patients love!

Buttock lifts can be performed several different ways. The Columbian Hi-Def Butt Lift uses Vaser liposuction to sculpt the buttocks from where it ought not to be and then re-inject the free fat into the places where it should be. The results are not as dramatic as the implant, but for a little lifting and fullness, they’re just fine. Another technique requires more incisions and is called the direct buttock lift, a procedure reserved for severe weight loss patients.

Long story short, a youthful booty is not as far away as it seems. It may be right behind you! See more from this episode ...

Dr. Drew Ordon

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