New Hope for Hard to Treat Cancer

Playing A Cancer Killing MRI Saved My Life!

The technology we are using to treat cancer is changing in exciting and possibly new life-saving ways. The Doctors are joined by one woman whose complicated cancer was helped by an innovative new approach.

Lori felt a lump in her breast in 2012. Doctors discovered it was a cancerous tumor and also found a tumor in her liver. Following five rounds of chemotherapy, all of her cancer was gone expect in her liver.

The mother of two’s difficult cancer was treated through the use of MRIDian, the MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System. MRIDian can image map and treat cancer patients simultaneously while locating, targeting and tracking the position and shape of tumors while radiation is delivered. The new technology improves tumor visibility while minimizing damage to the patent’s healthy cells.

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Lori joins the panel and triumphantly shares that her oncologist told her she’s now “all clear” from cancer following the amazing work her doctors were able to perform with MRIDian.

“We need hope… and this new machine, it’s a miracle,” Lori tells The Doctors, explaining that her recovery had minimal side effects, like drowsiness, and only last for five treatments.

The Doctors are also joined by Dr. Percy Lee, Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Education for the Department of Radiation Oncology at UCLA, who says that instead of traditional radiation therapy being a “peak and shoot” approach, the MRIDian is more watching an ongoing movie of the cancer. This allows for the treatment of mobile tumors in a way like never before. He explains that treatment is personalized for each patient and updated daily.

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The Doctors are overjoyed that Lori has been given the gift of life, and to make her upcoming wedding even more special, we have an amazing honeymoon surprise for her!