Lash Lift: Put to the Test

Playing Put It to the Test: Lash Lift!

If your lashes are looking less than luscious, you might need an eyelash pick-me-up!

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With the help of Candice from Beverly Hills Lashes, we put the Lash Lift to the test to find out if it’s a good alternative to eyelash extensions. The process claims to give you stunning lashes that last for up 2 months and the process only takes around 45 minutes. She says, “It’s the fastest and easiest way to brighten up your face.”

The Lash Lift uses a natural softening solution that lifts and curls the hair to make them more visible, open and awake. This varies from a lash perm, which curls the tips, as this procedure will lift from the base of your lashes to achieve a fresher look.

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The Lash Lift will cost you anywhere from $75 to $125. Check out the results of the Lash Lift with our two test subjects in the video below!