Save My Face from Keloids!

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Playing My Keloid Nightmare!

Tony has been suffering from keloid growths through most of his life and he joins The Doctors in hopes of transforming his appearance once and for all.

The growths began at the age of 9 and when he reached his 20s, keloids started to form on his face after cutting himself while shaving. In an effort to remove them, Tony had surgery on the growths, but they only returned even bigger than before.

The keloids have taken a serious toll on Tony. “I secluded myself… I pushed a lot of people out of my life, because I didn’t want to be around other people. I didn’t want people looking at me, I didn’t want people whispering, people pointing.” he shares with The Doctors. His sister Tracey says he missed out on many family events and gatherings because of his condition.

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In addition to the emotional pain, Tony says the keloids cause him physical pain, at times have a burning sensation and are constantly itchy. The pain is so severe that some nights he is unable to sleep and he’s even contemplated suicide because of them.

Bravely, Tony joins the panel with ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon to share his story.

“The most difficult part is dealing with people. If people would just come and talk with me and find out the person that I am, instead of trying to judge me from what they see,” he says. Tony is a teacher and tells The Doctors that, ironically, children react better to his keloids compared to most adults.

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He explains that he has come forward in hopes of bringing awareness to other people suffering from keloids. In his own life, he has a sibling who has a growth that she is embarrassed to show and a student with one behind her ear. “Just be who you are… accept it. I’m hoping there is some kind of solution to this,” he says, offering words of encouragement to others who might be afraid to be open about their keloids.

Prior to the show, Tony met with Dr. Ordon, who said his case was the “most severe” keloid case he has ever seen. Can Dr. Ordon and his colleagues, plastic surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan and radiation oncologist Dr. Janna Andrews, help Tony in his quest to save his face from the keloids?

Find out what options Tony has in the video below, plus see the generous offer from the team of physicians and our friends at GoodRx make Tony. The Doctors can’t wait to see all the progress that lies ahead for this inspiring and brave man!

See how Tony received help with his keloids in the video below.