Lighten Your Hair in Just Seconds?

Playing Lighten Hair in Seconds?!

The Doctors are checking out a new product that claims to lighten up your dark locks in just seconds.

With the help of stylist Tera Stevens, we put the Pravana’s Blonde Wand – which claims to lighten up to seven shades with less damage – to the test. But, does it work or is it simply Hollywood hype?

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With the use of the heated Blonde Wand, foil and a special solution with coconut oil our test subject’s hair did lighten quite a bit during the on-air demonstration.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra warns, “Anytime you’re going to chemically process your hair, you should be aware that it is going to be more fragile and you are going to rough up the cuticle.”

Tera tells The Doctors that she likes the product and would use it in her salon, but recommends only using this device in a salon with a professional. She also notes that it will take a little longer to wash out the coconut oil in order to be able to be able to style your hair as your normally would.

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She touts the device as a great way to break up old bands of hair color, for creating lighter ends or if a client is in a hurry, but is still looking for a lighter look.