Model’s Addiction & Eating Disorder Nightmare

Playing Drugs to Anorexia: Former Model Tells All

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Nikki DuBose’s rise to fame in the modeling world came at a high price. She endured drug and alcohol addiction, severe eating disorders and even an alleged rape. She joins The Doctors to share her story of survival.

Nikki tells The Doctors she grew up in a household filled turmoil and abuse, something she feels shaped her for the worse. In her teens, she was offered a modeling contract, and she went to extremes in order to lose weight and make her mark in the image-based industry. She used diet pills, starved herself, binged, purged and at one point she only weighed 90 pounds.

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In addition to exposed bones and her hair falling out, she reveals, “I would vomit blood, yet I was getting the best bookings of my career.” She reveals there was pressure in the modeling world to have sex with people of power in order to advance her career. She claims one individual lured her into his home under the guise of a casting call and he allegedly drugged and raped her.

In the midst of her spiral, Nikki’s mom died as result of a drunk driving incident. Her death served as a wake-up call for Nikki. Looking back at the day she found out her mother had died following a drunken binge, she thought to herself, “If I didn’t get help, I was going to end up just like my mom and die.”

Nikki joins the panel to share how she transformed her life for better. She explains to The Doctors that in order for her to overcome her addiction and eating disorders she was forced to create a new identity for herself.

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“A big part of that to me was spirituality… for me that was my higher power,” she explains. “I [also] got a psychiatrist, a therapist, medications… a whole team.”

Nikki goes on to says her experiences with various modeling agencies over the years were often negative. She claims she encountered very strict and controlling people and feels it the industry was “psychologically damaging” for her.

When it comes to her advice for young people looking for a career in the modeling world, she says, “Beauty is really based on the inside and your worth has nothing to do with fame or success or what you look like,” and she recommends surrounding yourself with family and loved ones in order to stay grounded.

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For more of Nikki’s story, check out her memoir, “Washed Away: From Darkness to Light.”