Smaller Pores with an Ice Roller?

Playing Beauty Tools: Then and Now

The Doctors are examining one of the latest unique beauty products and this one will leave you a little chilly!

Could the solution for smaller pores lie with the power of ice? Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra demonstrates an ice roller, which is a popular in Asia and Europe. It offer users a convenient and no-mess ice facial. Using can ice roller can make your pores appear smaller, tighten the skin, reduce puffiness around the eyes and face and potentially revitalize your skin’s appearance. Men can also use the device to help with razor burn after shaving.

So what does our resident skin care guru think of this cold contraption?

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“This is a decent idea. The cool – if you don’t do it incessantly – is a great anti-inflammatory. It’s a great way to decrease puffiness when you wake up and your eyes are a little swollen or your capillaries are a little dilated,” Dr. Batra says, calling it “simple and safe.”

Dr. Batra warns to not use it excessively as it can lead to skin damage like frostbite. The recommended usage is for 2 to 5 minutes, after freezing the device for at least 30 minutes.

She also examines a roller device that Khloe Kardashian reportedly touts as something to use before applying her makeup and a caliper for getting the perfect eyebrow symmetry, but are they worth it? Check out the video above to find out what our dermatologist thinks of these products. 

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Plus, in a beauty blast from the past, Donelle Dadigan, President and Founder at the Hollywood Museum at The Max Factor Building, joins The Doctors to give us a history lesson on Max Factor’s innovations and classic makeup rooms sharing how the makeup pioneer helped revolutionize the beauty industry.

Donelle explains that before Max Factor bought makeup to the masses, that women was often thought of as "hussies" if they sported any. In addition to dispelling myths surrounding who should wear makeup, the beauty guru was responsible for so many of the beauty products that we take for granted now. He was the first to create stay-put lipstick and a beauty calibrator that measured the angles of a women's face in order to help decide where to apply makeup. At the time, his techniques and devices were key to make Hollywood's starlet's look their best in the pre-plastic surgery era.

 Other historical Max Factor fun facts:

  • A woman's makeup was decided by her hair color and skin tone
  • The entire second floor of his makeup emipre was devoted to just wigs
  • Lipstick was made in-house at the building by an assembly line of workers -- he even created a machine that simulated kissing to test out the product
  • The eye shadow he created contained gunpowder, which gave the product its sparkle

Watch more from our makeup flashback trip below!