Bride Sues Videographer When Wedding Footage Goes Viral

Playing One Bride’s Viral Video Nightmare

A San Francisco bride is suing her wedding videographer after embarrassing footage of her reception leaked online and racked up millions of views – but do The Doctors think she has a strong case?

The footage shows an allegedly drunk groom unsuccessfully attempting to remove the bride’s garter belt and then falling on the bride. The bride claims she hid the video to avoid anyone seeing it, but additional footage leaked online and went viral, much to the bride and groom’s dismay. The lawsuit is asking for compensation for the infliction of emotional distress.

A surprising aspect of this story might be that videographers usually own all the footage they shoot, unless it’s otherwise stated in the contract – something not commonly known.

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“Unless you negotiate specifically with that videographer that you are going to own all of the footage, it’s [the videographer’s]… it’s his. He owns it and he can do what he wants with it,” Attorney Areva Martin explains.

But does the bride have a possible case against the company?

According to Areva, “Sadly, she does not.” Adding, “You have got to read the fine print when you sign contracts. You have got to know what you’re signing. And if you want to own that footage… you’ve got to negotiate it and you’ve got to get that in writing.”

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George Street Photo and Video released a statement to The Doctors regarding the situation.

“We were extremely disheartened to learn that this video was posted to the internet without our knowledge, involvement or authorization and in our 12 year history of capturing, editing and delivering thousands of wedding photos and videos, we have never experienced anything like this. We are very disappointed and upset by this situation and are doing everything in our power to remove it from the internet and have been monitoring daily. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients and delivering the highest quality service and we are taking this incident very seriously,” the company’s statement reads.