The Secrets behind Your Food Cravings

Playing Crave This? You Might Need That!

Are your food cravings a clue to your overall health and a sign that you might be lacking something? The Doctors and celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman investigate!

Keri explains that we often crave certain foods from a memory or a habit, but there may be other reasons you can’t seem to shake the urge to chow down on a specific snack.

Salty Keri tells The Doctors if you are feeling like you need something salty, your body may be saying you need more calcium . She explains salt will temporarily increase the calcium your blood, but it’s a false fix. She recommends items like almonds, milk, yogurt and dark green leafy vegetables as a good source of calcium.

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Sweet A hankering for some sugar could be a sign that your need magnesium. A better place to find the nutrient is in legumes, seeds and nuts.

Beef -If you can’t shake the need for a burger or a steak, it may be due to low iron levels. Keri explains that foods like fish, tofu and dark green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of iron and are a healthy swap for red meat.

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Keri goes on to note that vegetarians might need to up their vitamin C intake in order to properly absorb iron. She suggests adding an orange now and then.

What foods do you crave the most?