23-Year-Old Woman Never Got Her Period!

Playing I’m 23 & I Never Got My Period

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

A 23-year-old woman has come to The Doctors hoping to find answers to the one health question that has been plaguing her for years – why she’s never had her period!

Katrella says he first noticed the issue as a preteen when he sister got her period, but she did not. Thinking she was simply a late bloomer, she tried to be patient. The rest of her body continued to develop, but still no period. At 18, she became very worried and saw a doctor and was referred to a specialist, whom she never ended up seeing.

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“It did bring me down because I thought something was wrong with me,” Katrella, who loves and wants children, tells The Doctors. “If I found out I couldn’t have kids, it would crush me.”

The Doctors send Katrella to OBGYN expert Dr. Peter Weiss in hopes of solving her period mystery. She explains to him that she does not have monthly issues associated with a period like pain, bloating or cramps. He tells Katrella she has a condition called amenorrhea and gives her a series of tests, exams and an MRI to find out what might be going on.

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Watch the video below to find out what Dr. Weiss discovered about Katrella’s unique situation and if she will ever be able to have children.