Jesse Ventura's Fight to Legalize Marijuana

Playing Jesse Ventura’s ‘Marijuana Manifesto’

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

With 14 states voting on the legalization of marijuana in the upcoming election, The Doctors and Jesse Ventura weigh in on this smoking hot topic.

“I urge you people do the right thing,” the former wrestler and Minnesota Governor, who penned a new book “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto,” tells The Doctor’s audience. 

For the star-turned-politician, the fight for legalization hits home. He shares that his wife was experiencing epileptic seizures up to three times a day and he felt as though both of their lives were “gone.” After unsuccessfully trying numerous medications over the years, they tried treating her seizures with medical marijuana and it stopped her seizures for over two years and she’s completely off all pharmaceutical medications.

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“My life was given back to me,” he continues. “I don’t want anyone else out there suffering, that doesn’t have to suffer.”

Jesse is advocating for complete legalization of the drug, not just for medical use, saying those using the drug for its euphoric effects are “doing it for mental health.”

As for critics who worry about kids and teens gaining access to the substance, he feels it should be treated the same way we treat young people who caught smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol at a young age. “It’s called parenting,” he states. “Nobody wants kids using anything bad.”

Dr. Kevin Sabet also joins The Doctors to share his opinion on this divisive issue. He is against the legalization of the drug and feels the fight to make it legal is more about the people who want to profit. He feels if it becomes legal it will become another “big tobacco” and worries about its effects on adolescents. He feels the drug should go through testing from the FDA and not be decided on by the voters.

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Where do you stand on this issue of marijuana legalization? Should it be legalized outright or have limitations?