Buttock Augmentation

Millions of people are unhappy with shape of their backside. Whether it’s saggy, flabby or flat, butt augmentation may be the solution for a better behind.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Stanton performs an augmentation by inserting silicone rubber implants through a small 2-inch incision. The advantages to the solid rubber implants, as compared to gel implants, are that they cannot rupture and normally last an entire lifetime without needing to be replaced.

Learn how your backside affects your health!
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Miami Thong Lift
Getting a rounder rear end isn't always easy. It is a difficult area of the body to perfect at the gym and even on the operating table. "That's why we plastic surgeons are always trying to reinvent the wheel and find a better bottom," plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says.

Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta has developed a new way for women to boost their booty: the Miami Thong Lift.

Falom, who is self-conscious about her behind, undergoes the procedure. She and Dr. Mendieta join The Doctors to explain how the procedure is done and show off her new look!
Lift your butt and get a firm look without going under the knife! Diminish the appearance of cellulite with the Butt the Bomb treatment. Butt implants explained. Dr. Ordon shares his thoughts about butt implants.