Ear Keloid Removed Live!

Playing Live Keloid Removal!

A woman with a massive keloid on her ear has it removed live on The Doctors!

Kia’s self-confidence is being affected by her ear keloid and she is constantly plagued with questions about it. It began to develop around 6 years ago after her third ear piercing. She had surgery to remove it, but the keloid returned “with a vengeance” she explains.

“It bothers me a lot. It tends to itch and get this pinching-type feeling,” she continues. She is constantly trying to hide it with her hair, hats and scarves. She says it has also affected her dating life and that she is tired of “the looks” and the “questions” about her keloid.

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“I’ve allowed it to take away the fun part of me,” she admits. “I’m really worried that I’m never going to get rid of it.”

Luckily, we have the skills of dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra who joins The Doctors with Kia to remove her growth – live on the show!

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon gives the audience a better understanding of just what a keloid is, saying, “It’s tissue that has grown well beyond the boundary of that initial insult, which was a simple ear piercing.”

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See the live keloid removal and the dramatic results of the procedure – that left Kia practically speechless – in the video below!