Save My Anorexic, Heroin-Addicted Daughter!

Playing Please Save My Anorexic Teen Addicted to Heroin

A desperate mom has come to The Doctors hoping they can help save her daughter, who is battling both anorexia and a heroin addiction.

Melissa explains that her daughter Sabrina began to develop problems at the age of 8 following the divorce of her parents. She started limiting her food and cutting herself. In junior high, bullying from other kids took its toll on Sabrina and her mother got her counseling and put her in a different school. But things only got worse, where Sabrina began vomiting in an effort to stay thin. In 8th grade, she tried heroin for the first time and was also diagnosed with anorexia.

Sabrina spent three months in treatment for her eating disorder, but then her drug use only intensified and she never returned to high school. Now 19, her mom says Sabrina is forced to use an IV to get the proper nutrition and her weight has dipped below 85 pounds on multiple occasions. She has also suffered a mild heart attack.

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“I’m at a war with myself. I think about dying every single day,” Sabrina admits. Her mom fears that either her daughter’s body will shut down from her eating disorder or she will overdose.

An emotional Sabrina and her mother join ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and says she never imagined her eating disorder would become this serious or make her so ill. “I just never thought I would be here,” she says through her tears.

She explains that she’s never hungry, and deciding what to eat is always a “battle.” She goes on to describe that food tastes like cardboard is hard to swallow and chew. After two or three bites of food, she feels full and then experiences pain from the food processing in her body.

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She reveals to Dr. Stork that she used heroin only three days before taping the show. She admits that after trying heroin for the first time it took the pain away associated with her eating disorder and now she’s constantly chasing that high in order to feel relief.

Dr. Stork asks the troubled teen, “Are you finally at a place where you realize you can’t keep this up?”

Find out if Sabrina is ready to make the difficult, but necessary changes to transform her life and if she’s willing to seek treatment. With the help of the treatment facility Cielo HouseThe Doctors offer her the chance to get the help she so desperately needs. See the first steps or her new journey in the video below.