Woman Gives Birth & Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant!

Playing I Really Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!

One woman went through her entire pregnancy not even knowing she’s pregnant! She joins The Doctors to share her remarkable story.

Jennifer gave birth to a son on Labor Day and her labor pains were a huge surprise. She says she awoke in the middle of the day thinking she had a stomach ache, but then her water broke.

The 35-year-old said she never experienced morning sickness and thought she was having light periods during the time she was carrying her son. She didn’t even make it to the hospital in time and her husband Jeff delivered their baby in the hallway of their home.

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Just days after their surprise birth, Jennifer and Jeff join the show and explain how they’re even processing the surprise new addition to the family.

“I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep,” Jennifer says, explaining that her daughter was in total shock seeing her mom giving birth in their home, thinking her parents had simply not told her she was pregnant.

Looking back does Jennifer, who was on birth control, now realize there were signs that she was expecting?

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“No, I was spotting,” she says of her period. The couple did discuss her weight gain, but they never thought it was due to a pregnancy. Jeff says he profusely apologized about his weight gain comments after she gave birth.

OBGYN, Dr. Nita Landry says Jennifer’s case is rare, only occurring in 1 out of 2500 pregnancies. This type of pregnancy is called a “cryptic pregnancy” and most often occurs in moms who are overweight or obese, moms on certain types of medication or due to where one’s placenta is located (some might not feeling the baby moving).

Check out the video above to find out the surprises we have for Jennifer, Jeff and their surprise new baby!