Thunder From Down Under Hot Bod Health Secrets!

Playing How Do the ‘Thunder From Down Under’ Men Stay Fit?

The Doctors’ stage heats up in a big way when the Thunder From Down Under dancers bring the heat and plenty of skin to the show!

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Before sending our audience into a frenzy, the Australian hunks reveal how they manage to stay in such great shape. Naturally, before any performance they thoroughly stretch and warm up. The also eat a balanced diet of five meals a day to keep their metabolism up, saying they keep their fat content to under 30 grams per day and eat high fibrous carbohydrates to stay fuller longer without gaining weight.

Thunder From Down Under is going on tour across the country, to find out when they are coming to your town, click here!

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For a preview of all the hotness, check out the guys stripping down on The Doctors stage in the video below –  a spontaneous fever, panting and heart palpitations might occur, watch at your own risk!