Help for Woman with Rare Disorder Bullied Her Entire Life & in Constant Pain

Playing Faced with a Life of Pain

Ashley was born with Oral-facial-digital syndrome and has been bullied since she was a kid, she’s come to The Doctors in hopes of changing her life.

Her OFDS has caused a slew of problems including a clover-shaped tongue, bald spots, a severely crooked nose, overcrowded teeth, a misshaped jaw, small fingers and toes, trouble breathing through her nose and extreme jaw pain when eating.

She explains that a life of bullying from other kids about her appearance has led her feeling “very insecure” and the physical pain causes her to retreat and stay home hiding from the world.

Watch: Ashley Details Her Suffering Since Birth   

Ashley joins The Doctors explaining that her biggest obstacle is her constant pain and breathing through her nose, saying, “My face hurts all the time.”

The Doctors had Ashely see a team of specialists, including our very own plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, dentist Dr. Laurence Rikin and oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Steve Kupferman, to find out what can be done to help her.

After multiple consults, our team of specialists determine they will be able to help Ashley transform her life for the better. See all the surprises they have in store for her in the in the video below!

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We can’t wait for Ashley return to The Doctors and see all the progress that she is bound to make!