Child Overdoses on Vitamin Supplements

Playing Natural Supplements Overdose?

Vitamins might seem healthy, but when taken in excess – especially with a child – they can very dangerous.

The Doctors discuss a recent incident where a 4-year-old boy in England was taken to the hospital after weeks of vomiting and losing weight. His parents revealed that they had been giving him 12 different dietary supplements, including a mixture of vitamins, oils, and minerals. Doctors discovered his calcium levels were twice the normal rate and his vitamin D levels were 20 times higher than normal. The parents were trying to help their autistic son after a naturopath, recommended the 12 supplements.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon warns that the idea of “a little bit is a good thing, then a lot is a good thing” can very dangerous when it comes to vitamin supplements, especially when a child is taking the supplements.

ER physicians Dr. Travis Stork believes the doctor involved in this incident should be brought to justice or have their license revoked.

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The Doctors note that not all supplements are bad or will cause harm. They also stress that dosages for children are drastically different than what is suggested for an adult. As always, check with your regular medical care provider before taking any new supplement or vitamin.