Halloween Makeup Skin Safety Tips

Playing Halloween Makeup Tips with POPSUGAR

It’s Halloween time and The Doctors have safety tips on how to keep your skin from turning into a nightmare from your costume’s makeupWe are joined by POPSUGAR’s Kirbie Johnson who reveals what to look out for when it comes to picking makeup for the perfect costume.

Beware of fake blood!

Kirbie says that many types of fake blood sold are filled with petroleum and harsh dyes that stain your skin and clothes. A better alternative is to make your own fake blood with clear lip gloss, food coloring dye, which will not cause breakouts or stain your skin.

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All glitter is not created equal!

If your costume needs some sparkle, don’t simply go to a craft store and pick up traditional glitter. It can get in your eyes and cause major irritation. Instead, opt for cosmetic glitter which is cheap and easy to find and much safer on your body.

Skip the Halloween store makeup kits

Makeup is not FDA regulated and often times the makeup kits sold in Halloween stores have been sitting on the shelf for years, plus the ingredients can be very irritating to the skin. The fix is to buy theatrical makeup, which might sound pricey, but Kirbie says it’s actually budget-friendly and it is made for your skin and can be removed easily.

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The Doctors also recommend testing just a patch of your skin before applying a new makeup to make sure it won’t cause an allergic reaction.